1. Turbobit.net is a cloud storage service provider that lets you store any file you want on your cloud account by uploading through any of their platform support. You can not only upload your files, but you can also share them with anybody in any location by simply sending the links associated with them. External files owned by others can also be accessed by getting the links Turbobit has generated for the files.
  2. Turbobit.net is very simple, easy, and free for anybody to use, but it’s advised that you register for premium accounts. This is because of the speed limit on file downloads for free accounts. If you wish to break this restriction and download your files within a couple of minutes, then we recommend that you subscribe to any of their plans for better access.
  3. Being a Peer-2-Peer and file sharing platform, you might be concerned about the safety of your files. You don’t need to; the website makes use of a strong SSL encryption software to combat any unauthorized access to your files.
  4. Like previously mentioned, Turbobit offers support for different platforms, including Mobile, Web, or Desktop. You can also choose to download their desktop application, Turbobit.net Uploader, for easy uploading of files directly from your PC. All their applications are user-friendly and designed to streamline the management of your cloud services.
  5. When uploading your files onto a server, Turbobit.net automatically picks out the least loaded FTP server in terms of traffic. This allows you to quickly navigate through a file upload without any difficulty or delay.


turbobit premium review
  1. Procuring a turbobit.net premium account, you can then have access to downloading files without any restrictions on the speed, and subsequently, your time spent on each download. Having high-speeds file downloads is the best way to enjoy the versatility this platform has to offer.
  2. You can resume any aborted downloads should you mistakenly cancel any of your ongoing downloads, preventing inconvenient events where you have to start all over again. Download managers, like IDM, can be used to download from the servers at Turbobit.net.
  3. Files can be also be downloaded directly from their servers with the links provided.
  4. They also provide the option to download in multiple streams.
  5. You won’t be disturbed by any form of advertising.
  6. Your files gain a longer storage time, amongst other perks.
  7. Premium users can reach a download speed of 1 Gbit/sec if your internet connection can sustain such speeds. Whichever case, access to a premium account allows you to attain the highest download speed possible for your connection.


turbobit price
  1. Any transaction made on their platform is made safe through the use of multiple layers of security.
  2. You can pick your turbobit.net premium account based on different time plans, which include the 10-day, 30-day, 180-day, 365-day, and 730-day options.
  3. There are several payment mediums available on Turbobit.net; you can either use MasterCard, Visa, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Bancontact, WebMoney, Qiwi Sofort, Alipay, or Skrill to process any payment you want.
  4. You have the option to activate an HTTPS protection feature to download anything you want anonymously. This comes for $100 and functions effectively to provide the anonymity you require.


  1. Turbobit.net grants its users the opportunity to earn their piece of the action. You can secure earnings of up to $1000 per week by uploading your files on their platform and that of Hitlife.net
  2. You start earning the moment your files are being downloaded by other visitors on the platform. All you have to do is simply share the information with your contacts or followers on your social media accounts, blog, or anywhere else you can think of.
  3. This will bring traffic to your files, and you get paid for each download or account sale made through your links.
  4. All you have to do is open an affiliate partner account and link it with your Turbobit.net and Hitfile.net accounts. As soon as you upload your files on both platforms, share them and start earning for each download or sale.
  5. You can get a pay of up to $40 for every 1000 completed downloads using a uniqueness calculated based on the context of the entire site.
  6. You get pay of up to $20 for every 1000 failed or incomplete downloads using a uniqueness based on the context of an account. The minimum payout you can get is $10
  7. Members from all countries are allowed to participate in the affiliate program.
  8. Your earnings can be withdrawn through PayPal, Yandex Money, Payza, and QIWI once every week. You can withdraw your money up to three times a week with WebMoney.
  9. You can also participate in the Gold program to enjoy benefits such as a revenue increase of 30%.
  10. You make 10% off every sale made through your links.
  11. You can even earn additional money by recommending the affiliate program to your users. You get to keep up to 12% of their earnings.