Turbobit Premium Account


  1. Turbobit.net is a cloud storage service provider that lets you store any file you want on your cloud account by uploading through any of their platform support. You can not only upload your files, but you can also share them with anybody in any location by simply sending the links associated with them. External files owned by others can also be accessed by getting the links Turbobit has generated for the files.
  2. Turbobit.net is very simple, easy, and free for anybody to use, but it’s advised that you register for premium accounts. This is because of the speed limit on file downloads for free accounts. If you wish to break this restriction and download your files within a couple of minutes, then we recommend that you subscribe to any of their plans for better access.
  3. Being a Peer-2-Peer and file sharing platform, you might be concerned about the safety of your files. You don’t need to; the website makes use of a strong SSL encryption software to combat any unauthorized access to your files.
  4. Like previously mentioned, Turbobit offers support for different platforms, including Mobile, Web, or Desktop. You can also choose to download their desktop application, Turbobit.net Uploader, for easy uploading of files directly from your PC. All their applications are user-friendly and designed to streamline the management of your cloud services.
  5. When uploading your files onto a server, Turbobit.net automatically picks out the least loaded FTP server in terms of traffic. This allows you to quickly navigate through a file upload without any difficulty or delay.
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